Application of a compact microwave ion source to radiocarbon analysis

TitleApplication of a compact microwave ion source to radiocarbon analysis
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsSchneider, RJ, von Reden, KF, Hayes, JM, Wills, JSC
EditorShepard, KW
Conference NameThe eighth international conference on heavy-ion accelerator technology
Date Published1999
PublisherAmerican Institute of Physics
Keywordscarbon, ion sources, mass spectroscopy, spectrochemical analysis, tandem accelerators

The compact, high current, 2.45 GHz microwave-driven plasma ion source which was built for the Chalk River TASCC facility is presently being adapted for testing as a gas ion source for accelerator mass spectrometry, at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution accelerator mass spectrometer. The special requirements for producing carbon-ion beams from micromole quantities of carbon dioxide produced from environmental samples will be discussed. These samples will be introduced into the ion source by means of argon carrier gas and a silicon capillary injection system. Following the extraction of positive ions from the source, negative ion formation in a charge exchange vapor will effectively remove the argon from the carbon beam. Simultaneous injection of the three carbon isotopes into the accelerator is planned.