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Journal Article
C. J. Hein, FitzGerald, D. M., Carruthers, E. A., Stone, B. D., Barnhardt, W. A., and Gontz, A. M., Refining the model of barrier island formation along a paraglacial coast in the Gulf of Maine, Marine Geology, vol. 307-310, pp. 40 - 57, 2012.
J. F. Wehmiller, Brothers, L. L., Ramsey, K. W., Foster, D. S., Mattheus, C. R., Hein, C. J., and Shawler, J. L., Molluscan aminostratigraphy of the US Mid-Atlantic Quaternary coastal system: Implications for onshore-offshore correlation, paleochannel and barrier island evolution, and local late Quaternary sea-level history, Quaternary Geochronology, vol. 66, p. 101177, 2021.
C. J. Hein, FitzGerald, D. M., Milne, G. A., Bard, K., and Fattovich, R., Evolution of a Pharaonic harbor on the Red Sea: Implications for coastal response to changes in sea level and climate, GEOLOGY, vol. 39, pp. 687-690, 2011.
C. J. Hein, FitzGerald, D. M., Cleary, W. J., ALBERNAZ, M. A. R. C. I. O. B., De MENEZES, J. O. A. O. T. H. A. D. E. U., and Klein, A. H. da F., Evidence for a transgressive barrier within a regressive strandplain system: Implications for complex coastal response to environmental change, Sedimentology, vol. 60, no. 2, pp. 469 - 502, 2013.
C. J. Hein, FitzGerald, D. M., de Souza, L. H. P., Georgiou, I. Y., Buynevich, I. V., Klein, A. H. da F., de Menezes, ãoThadeu, Cleary, W. J., and Scolaro, T. L., Complex coastal change in response to autogenic basin infilling: An example from a sub-tropical Holocene strandplain, Sedimentology, vol. 63, no. 6, pp. 1362 - 1395, 2016.