WOCE AMS Radiocarbon I: Pacific Ocean results (P6, P16, and P17)

TitleWOCE AMS Radiocarbon I: Pacific Ocean results (P6, P16, and P17)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsKey, RM, Quay, PD, Jones, GA, McNichol, AP, von Reden, KF, Schneider, RJ

AMS radiocarbon results from the World Ocean Circulation Experiment in the Pacific Ocean show dramatic changes in the inventory and distribution of bomb-produced 14C since the time of the GEOSECS survey (8/73-6/74). Nearsurface 4C values for the eastern portion of both the northern and southern subtropical gyres decreased by 25-50%, with the change being greater in the north. Equatorial near-surface values have increased by ca. 25%. Changes in the 250-750-m depth range are dramatically different between the northern and southern basins. The intermediate and mode waters of the
southern basin have increased by as much as 75%o since GEOSECS. Waters of similar density in the northern hemisphere are not exposed to the Southern Ocean circulation regime and are significantly less ventilated, showing maximum changes of ca. 50%.