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Journal Article
G. G. Zuffa, Normark, W. R., Serra, F., and Brunner, C. A., Turbidite Megabeds in an Oceanic Rift Valley Recording Jokulhlaups of Late Pleistocene Glacial Lakes of the Western United States, Journal of Geology, vol. 108, no. 3, pp. 253-274, 2000.
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C. A. Brunner, Normark, W. R., Zuffa, G. G., and Serra, F., Le torbiditi dell'Escanaba Trough (Juan de Fuca Plate, Pacifico nordorientale): registrazione sedimentaria di piene fluviali catastrofiche del Fiume Columbia durante le fasi di deglaciazione tardo quaternaria, Giornale di Geologia, vol. 60, pp. 18-19, 1998.
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S. D. Boore Ross, Fisher, M., Frankel, A., Geist, E., Hudnut, K., Kayen, R., Lee, H., Normark, W. R., and Wong, F., Comments on potential geologic and seismic hazards affecting coastal Ventura County, CCalifornia, U. S. Geological Survey OFR 1004-1286, p. 19 p., 2004.
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W. R. Normark, McGann, M., and Sliter, R., Age of the Palos Verdes submarine debris avalanche, southern California, Marine Geology, vol. 203, pp. 247-259, 2004.
Book Chapter
W. R. Normark, Piper, D. J. W., Romans, B. W., Covault, J. A., Dartnell, P., and Sliter, R. W., Submarine canyon and fan systems of the California Continental Borderland, Chapter 3-7, in Earth Science in the Urban Ocean: The Southern California Contental Borderlands, G. Society of Paper, Ed. 2007.
W. R. Normark, Baher, S., and Sliter, R., Late Quaternary sedimentation and deformation in Santa Monica and Catalina Basins, offshore southern California, in Geology and Tectonics of Santa Cataline Island and the California Continental Borderland, S. Coast Geol Guidebook, Ed. Santa Ana, California: , 2004, pp. 291-317.